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Consulting Solutions

Vema offers consulting solutions for small to mid-sized asset managers to help get their Market Data spent on track and in compliance with new vendor regulations/requirements. Below is a sample of questions we typically ask in our process. Please contact us to see how Vema could help you!

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Terminal Usage

Do you know if your Terminal spend is in line with other companies?

Have you conducted recent usage audits to identify terminals that may be canceled?

Are there multiple users with multiple terminals?


Technical Infrastructure

How does your firm ingest market data? Does it use a Data Lake?

Have you conducted any recent audits on potential duplicative data?

How is data being tracked?

Computer Programming
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Market Data Team Value Proposition

How does your team identify the value that you bring to the business?

What does the negotiation process typically look like for your firm?

What data are you reporting on?


Compliant Onward Distribution

Does your firm provide any market data to third parties?

Are there any external customers who receive onward distributed market data?

Is all data correctly attributed if decimated more widely?

Data Cloud
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