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2024 Market Data News

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Global spending on financial market data and news continued its decade-long growth streak with revenues jumping 12.4% to a record $42 billion in 2023. Although real-time trading and data spending accounted for the largest share of total revenues, strong demand for Pricing, Reference and Valuation data drove spending according to a new report published today by Burton Taylor International Consulting, a division of Parameta Solutions.

The TRADE speaks to Brendan McMurtray, vice president, FX electronic trading and market structure analyst at T. Rowe Price, about the key things to look out for when selecting an OEMS, utilising pre-trade data to improve execution outcomes and the current vendor landscape for holistic market views.

Upstart fintech gains a major partner having built up its SaaS post-trade platform over the past 13 years, as FIS continues to bolster capital markets tech offering.

Cboe Global Markets and MSCI Collaborate to Offer New Index Options and Volatility Indices

New workflow provides frictionless reporting of Future vs. Interest Rate Swap basis trade

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